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Precision Craftsmanship

Manufacturing for America's Military Ship Builders

At ALJERS, every product we produce for the Military or directly for our Ship Building partners is manufactured with the highest quality specified materials and carefully assembled using the latest technologies available. If you have a specific part of your shipbuilding project or repair requiring precision manufacturing, Made in the U.S.A. parts, call ALJERS or contact us through the secure form on our website.

ALJERS Production Process

Added Value

Precision Engineering

When it comes to great products, a strong foundation is essential. We’re known for our quality standards, and always make sure this feature is one of the most important focuses for our team.

Superior Quality Control

Efficiency, reliability, consistency - these are the three pillars helping us stand high above all our competitors. This feature ensures that we maintain this standing and provide quality products at fair prices.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

As part of our rigorous manufacturing process, we make sure each product is flawless before it goes on sale. With this feature, we can guarantee our commitment to excellence with every single product.

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